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Here's the list of props that you can use to customize the behavior of the virtual list.


Type: number Required: true

Estimated height that will be used on initial render for each item. If measureItems is false, this value is treated as the exact size of the items.


Type: React.ReactNode Required: true

The list of items that will be rendered.


Type: HyperScrollerCache Required: false Default: new HyperScrollerCache(nextInt)

The cache that will be used to store the scroll position and the height of measured items.


Type: number Default: 2 Required: false

The number of items that will be rendered before and after the ones that are shown in the viewport. Minimum value is 2.


Type: React.RefObject<HTMLElement> | Window Default: window Required: false

The target view that will be used as a scroll view.


Type: number Default: 0 Required: false

Initial scroll position.


Type: boolean Default: false Required: false

Allows telling the component whether you want it to restore the scroll or not. The Scroll Restoration feature depends on the cache, as it will retrieve the latest scroll position from it.


Type: boolean Default: true Required: false

Measure the height of the items. If set to false, make sure to set estimatedItemHeight with the exact size of the items.