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Scroll to Item

Scrolling to an item is very easy, we just need to make use of the useHyperScrollerRef hook, this hook returns a React.RefObject that will contain the scrollToItem method that we can use to scroll to an item.

To use that method, we need to pass it the key of the item we want to scroll to.

Check out the code:

import HyperScroller, { useHyperScrollerRef } from "react-hyper-scroller";

// List of random numbers from 50 to 300 (inclusive).
// These number represent the height of each item in the list.
// We do this to simulate a list of items with unknown height.
const items = new Array(500)
.map(() => Math.floor(Math.random() * 150) + 50);

export function MyList() {
const hyperScrollerRef = useHyperScrollerRef();

return (
onClick={() => hyperScrollerRef.current?.scrollToItem("item-300")}
Jump to the item-300

<HyperScroller ref={hyperScrollerRef} estimatedItemHeight={175}>
{, index) => (
<div key={`item-${index}`} style={{ height: item }}>
Item {index}. Height: {item}

This example is available in CodeSandbox. It may be useful if you want to try out the code directly in your browser!